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Chinese wind chimes are the most useful and pleasant tools for every home. In this growing Era, Chinese art is now being followed in many homes to give the glorious highlight of life. All of the latest Feng shui wind chimes have embossed as the most potent Feng shui item in India. In Ancient time the history of these Japanese wind chimes dates back because of its culture and positive reviews


Feng Shui Wind chimes generally made of metal, wood and copper roads hung with a plastic Pipes hanging on its inner sides. These Chimes can easily hang outside the temples also for the worship for God of an Indian citizen. Most of the peoples believe that wind chimes firstly originated in India to hang outside the temples. Well, that perception is right for all those who believe these chimes give positive. They commonly use as memorial wind chimes and Asian old fashioned Chinese 1950’s vintage style Japanese Chinese has high value. Oriental countries also have high sale for bamboo wind chimes.

Chinese feng shui wind chimes for home decoration:

Feng Shui Wind chimes focus on the flow of energy for these chimes and the flow having a direct impact on posing health happiness and love. These kinds of wind chimes used as a sound cure to gives the intense energy to those people who feel the negativities of feng shui. They provide vast energy flow to remove the blockages of environment negativities. They occupied with a different material which gives a diverse range of sounds with creative overall pleasant effects.

Chinese glass wind chimes are suitable for the West, North West, and North sectors. Wooden wind chimes excessively found in the east southeast and south areas. They produce loud sound and as well as more penetrating the wind sound so that it feels better. Size and place of hanging is a more active part of Chinese wind chimes for choose a wind chimes size. They must sort for the space sand hang to wind chimes in significant areas.

Buy best Chinese glass wind chimes:

1.     Lalago Chinese Feng Shui Bell:

Feng Shui wind Chimes bells are excellent tools in Feng Shui which bring balance, Interface and harmony in any space. For past, Chinese wind chimes bells have been used in spiritual, Proactive, and religious Activities across diverse cultures. Their calming vibrations and healing properties through the power of sound therapy make them a perfect thing for a home or an office space and other living halls. Lalago Chinese Feng Shui bells produce metal plastic tones that break energies and help to perfect, happiness and bring positive energies to the environment.

Features of Lalago Chinese Feng Shui Bell
  1. Hanging in the study room and other rooms for a beautiful environment.
  2. Its mass is 40cm; 4.3cm and2.4cm as length, diameter, and height respectively.
  3. Hanging in the door of the cars, vehicles, and farmhouses also.
  4. Theses bells produce a beautiful sound for hearing and provide a suitable environment.
  5. These bells can also be used as wind chimes or good luck charms.
  6. These bells have many sound effects and present in different designs.

2.     Music of the Spheres Chinese Wind Chimes:

Most Spheres Chinese glass wind chimes are minimal more than pseudo-melodic toys. The single particular case to this speculation is the magnificent hand-made breeze rings made in Texas by Music of the Spheres, which are excellent melodic sound. The cylinders are made of a uniquely tempered aluminum amalgam for ideal tone quality just as sturdiness. The tempered steel rings are alluring and entirely climate evidence; the polyethylene clappers are steady and give excellent sound quality also. On the other hand, the manufactured interlaced cordage is UV settled and exceptionally impervious to scraped spot, decay, and buildup.


The feng shui wind chimes catchers are advanced in size for each model and will react to twist rates of 8-10 mph. They can be forcefully expelled during tempest conditions whenever wanted. They can also customize voice with an individual ring or a lot of chimes to personal inclinations. The chimes catchers for various sizes are available. The rings are excessively peaceful or too dynamic after establishment.

Features of Music of the Spheres feng shui wind chimes:
  1. Spheres Japanese wind chimes are handcrafted in the USA
  2. The Japanese Chimes made with stainless and aluminum steel
  3. It has occupied with UV stabilized polyethylene material
  4. The rods and glass bells coated with UV supported synthetic thread
  5. It has an energetic musical tune
  6. It has detachable windcatcher

3.     None Small Glass Chinese Wind chimes:

During the period of making glass wind chimes, glassmaking techniques were to get introduced in China and glass became very popular in Chinese sectors. Although these costly glass wind chimes are perfect for home use and were firstly formed of local quality. The invention in these wind chimes gets lots of love and fame in the market. The figure of the Feng Shui wind chimes and become much more excellent, gentle, and relaxed. The Chinese industry creates these glass wind chimes that are affordable for all kind of ordinary people in the worldwide.

These glamorous, Glass chimes have stylish, newly modern designs and come and produced in different charming colors. These cheerful Chinese wind chimes created with a stand that not only makes them perfect for rooms and doors but also allows for some storage or decoration for any purpose

Features of None Small Glass Chinese Wind chimes
  1. Glass materials with charming looking styles.
  2. Hanging from the door about 9 inches loop and 4 inches as width.
  3. Glass bells elements sound like a beautiful whispering of birds.
  4. Great item for your porch, garage and also for the tarsus where there is a gentle breeze comes.
  5. Its charming Designs are beautiful as like sound it is.
  6. Chinese glass wind chimes are the best item for purchasing for the decoration of our houses and farmhouses.